4th Athens International Arbitration Forum: States and State Entities in International Arbitration

Divani Caravel Hotel - 19 October 2023



Διεθνής Εμπορική Διαιτησία Τόμος ΙΙ
Τα υποκειμενικά και αντικειμενικά όρια της συμφωνίας περί διαιτησίας


The involvement of States and state entities in international business and trade, and therefore in international arbitration, has increased in the last decades. Such involvement gives rise to a number of both procedural and substantive issues which will be the subject of the 4th International Arbitration Forum, with the participation of leading international and Greek arbitration practitioners.

The forum, with general theme “States and State Entities in International Arbitration” will take place on the 19th of October 2023 at the Divani Caravel Hotel during the Athens Arbitration Days.

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Issues to be addressed include the consent for arbitration in disputes involving States and State Entities: concession agreements, investment contracts, public-private partnerships, joint ventures, privatization contracts, government guarantees and assurances; Legal standing of States and State Entities in international arbitration; jurisdictional objections for lack of proper representation and ratification of arbitration agreements; procurement and selection of counsel to represent States and State Entities; challenges in representing States and State Entities: collecting evidence, communicating with State representatives, collaborating with in-house Government and State Entity lawyers, budget constraints; states' failure to participate in the arbitration process;  entering into settlement agreements with States and State Entities; enforcing awards against States and State Entities; the future of disputes involving States in the light of the Hellenic Council of State Decision No. 246/2022.


• Dimitris Babiniotis • Massimo Benedettelli • Stavros Brekoulakis • Constantin Calavros • Sotiris Dempegiotis • Greg Falkof • Alexander Fessas • Christian Filios • Jacob Grierson • Devika Khana • Gregory Logothetis • Ali Malek KC • Nicholas Moussas • Charles Nairac • Haris Pamboukis • Gregory Pelecanos • Georgios Petrochilos KC • Michele Potestà • Claire Sergaki  • Eduardo Silva Romero • Marion Smith KC • Ioannis Stavropoulos • Spyridon Tsantinis • Katia Yannaca Small • Panayiotis Yiannopoulos

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Διεθνής Εμπορική Διαιτησία Τόμος ΙΙ